Jihad on Terrorism


We are very pleased to inform you that the IPCI and Bridges Foundation (Egypt) have embarked on an intensive “ISLAM AWARENESS CAMPAIGN” for the Southern African region. Against the backdrop of the ‘War on Terror’ for the pastdecade and its impact on Muslim communities globally coupled with the dramatic happenings in the Middle East and North Africa in recent months, there is an acute focus once again on Islam, Muslims and the concept of Jihad in particular.

We believe that a professional and structured campaign introducing Islam in its pristine form and clarifying the concept of Jihad, aimed primarily at educational institutions, university professors, media personnel and other opinion makers in society is both timely and necessary.

We are currently distributing the DVD to educational institutions, university professors, media personnel and other opinion makers in society.



Title: Jihad on Terrorism

Year: 2010

Directors: Mahmoud Jamal & Usama Yusuf

Leads: The Truth About Jihad in Islam

Producer: Bridges Foundation

Language: English

Length: 100 minutes


This film is a second in a series of documentary films produced by Bridges Foundation titled “The Fog is Lifting”.

The first film Bridges produced in 2007 was a general film on Islam that covered broad topics including the meaning of Islam, Does God Exist, Islamic Perspectives, and Islamic Beliefs, whereas “Jihad on Terrorism” is focused on one of the main misconceptions non-Muslims have about Islam, which is understanding the issue of Jihad.

In an age when Islam is a highly misunderstood religion in many parts of the world, mainly due to media bias and misrepresentation, with this film, Bridges Foundation makes an important contribution to correcting the understanding of Jihad for both non-Muslims and also Muslims.


Overview of Jihad on Terrorism

Through brief answers to a series of questions by ten speakers, seven Muslims and three non-Muslims, the film covers the following main topics:

–    Defining Jihad

–    Defining Terrorism

–    Combative Jihad

–    Killing Civilians

–    Torturing Prisoners of War

–    Holy War

–    Defeating Terrorism

excerpt: taken from www.onislam.net



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