Is ISIS a true representation of Islam?


“Is ISIS a true representation of Islam?” IPCI Lecturer and Debate Lead Attorney Yusuf Ismail will challenge this widely misrepresented notion in an inter-faith dialogue with Christian missionary Usama Dakdok.  Watch the promo here.


More on Yusuf Ismail

Yusuf Ismail is a public speaker and debater on religion and contemporary society having debated many prominent Christian apologists and philosophers

He has debated arguably the best Christian philosopher of the century William Lane Craig, Mike Licona, Jay Smith, John Gilchrist and many others on a variety and range of topics and issues covering the relevancy of religion in the 21st century, the authenticity of scriptures and the issue of peace and violence in world religions



More on Usama Dakdok

Usama was born in Egypt and grew up in a Christian home. While in government schools in Egypt, he learned about Islam just as every other student does in a Muslim country. Usama also studied for a university degree in Egypt which included the study of Sharia, Islamic Law. He first came to America in 1992. With all of his knowledge about Islam, he felt he could reach out to Muslim people in America with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thus he began The Straight Way of Grace Ministry.
For over a decade, Usama has traveled across the country with one burning, passionate desire—“Revealing the Truth About Islam.” His focus is twofold: to equip the church to minister to Muslims, and to warn all Americans about the deceptive methods being used by Muslims that lead so many into the cult of Islam.

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