Which is the Book of God? The Quran or the Bible?


Muslims insist that the Qur’an promotes peace and religious tolerance, and they quote verses of the Qur’an to justify their position. However, others claim that the Qur’an calls for the violent subjugation of unbelievers, and they also quote verses of the Qur’an to suite themselves. Who’s right? In this fast-paced inter-faith dialogue, IPCI Lecturer and Debate lead Attorney Yusuf Ismail argued that the Qur’an is a book of peace, while Bible Baptist Church of Potchefstroom’s Mike Fluech argued that it isn’t. Both participants began their discussions to prove its authenticity and left the audience to further investigate and study both Faiths.

The inter-faith dialogue was held at the North West University of Pochefstroom on 12th November 2016 and was well attended with an audience of approximately 400 people.


Watch the first part of the dialogue below and visit our Youtube channel to watch the rest this highly educated and informative debate.


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