New book to be launched by IPCI on Reverts


The IPCI is planning the launch of a book to be released by the end of 2017.  The event will also provide a space as a major networking session for all new muslims

The date is to be finalised for the actual launch. Muneerah Massallamah Khwela and Sfiso Duma who are facilitating the Basic Teaching of Islam & Comparative Religion for reverts, will be the lead authors on this publication.

The book will be a collaborative contribution by reverts who will share their stories and their current situations and stories, including how organizations  and the late Da’ee Ebrhaim Mthembu inspired them.

This will be the second publication produced exclusively by the IPCI. The first book launched was the Ahmed Deeat Biography.

Find more publications available on our site for your reading pleasure.

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