From Baptist Priest to Islam

Prof Debra Mubashshir, a former ordained preacher was the guest of the Islamic Propagation Centre International recently. She impacted greatly on South African society with her charm, warmth, and fascinating perspective of Islam and what it meant to her. Hers is an enchanting story of a woman who was born and bred in a Christian home and community but who could not resist the attraction of Islam and its magnetic pull…...read more.


African attorney’s transition from Catholicism to Islam

He was rummaging through some old books in his library and came across Sheikh Ahmed Deedat’s book, Crucifixion or Cruci-fiction? which shook his faith and radically changed his concept of God and his entire life……read more


By Sameera Ebrhaim – From Hinduism to Islam

As I reflect on my life and my long walk to Islam I feel truly blessed to have found a deen and a way of life that very few people are fortunate to have encountered… read more


Brother Dudla Rejoice now warmly known as Ebrahim Dudla Profession : Teacher in Maths & Science

In January 2007 Brother Ebrahim embraced Islam at the IPCI and joined the Saturday classes which is offered by the Centre for the working class.read more


Brother Adil Shah Du Plesee

Brother Adil Sha who is currently a warden in Umzinto traveled all the way from Umzinto to be at the IPCI get together read more


Farouk Modisane

Brother Farouk Modisane found his road to Islam upon his own research and commitment in searching for the truth read more


Jazeel Kennedy now know as Jazeel

I was once lost and now I’m found. An old Christian adage, which I aptly lived up to… read more


Reversions through Correspondence

Zacharellis Toinette read more


Once again thank you so much

I recently converted to Islam and am battling to learn more about the basic principles and way of life of being a Muslim read more


Mahomed Khan

I’m sure you might remember me, although we have never met before. My name is Dawood, from Port Elizabeth read more