This is the first full biography of Abdullah Quilliam

(1856-1932), the most significant Muslim

personality in nineteenth century Britain. Uniquely

ennobled as the Sheikh of Islam of the British Isles

by the Ottoman caliph, Sultan Abdul Hamid II in 1893,

Quilliam, as a charismatic preacher, created a remarkable

community of Muslims in Victorian Liverpool, which

included a substantial  number of converts.

A successful solicitor, Quilliam fought for the rights of the city’s poor and, in the high noon of European colonialism, defended the Ottoman caliphate and independent  Muslim states through his two international  publications,  The Crescent and The Islamic World. After 1908, in controversial circumstances, Quilliam left Liverpool and spent the rest of his life living under a pseudonym, but still figured as a major contributor to British Islam in London, where he was involved with the Woking Mosque.Based on exhaustive archival work, Ron Geaves not only provides the first account of Quilliam’s colourful and turbulent life, but examines his teachings and considers his legacy for British Muslims today.

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