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DVD 1 Deedat’s Encounter with Christian Missionaries

DVD 5 Freely Speaking in Geneva

DVD 14 Islam and Christianity – Gary Miller

DVD 15 DEBATE SABC: Islam and Christianity

DVD 17 Deedat on UAE Spotlight

DVD 19 Was Christ (Pbuh) Crucified? Prof. Floyd Clark

DVD 27 Is Jesus (Pbuh) God? Arab Palestinian Dr. Anis Shorrosh

DVD 28 Durban Business and Professional Women

DVD 33/4 Is the bible God’s word? And Question and Answers – Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart

DVD 38 Crucifixion – Fact or fiction – Dr. Robert Douglous

DVD 44 Was Christ (Pbuh) Cricified? Bishop General Wakefield

DVD 48.1/2 Qur’an or the bible which is the word of God? Rebutals, Question and Answers – Arab Palestinian Dr. Anis Shorrosh

DVD 50 Christian Missionaries at the IPCI

DVD 61 Is Israel set up for destruction – Ex-Congressman Paul Findley

DVD 64 Speaking Freely with Gina Lewis

DVD 68/9 Is the bible the true word of God and Is Jesus (Pbuh) God? – Pastor Stanley Sjoberg

DVD 71 Is Jesus (Pbuh) God? Pastor Eric Bock

DVD 82 Student Missionaries at the IPCI

DVD 87 Debate with American Soldiers

DVD 187 Deedat proves the bible is not the word of God

DVD 272 Debate Islam and Christianity – Potchefstroom

DVD 285 The Divine Book – One God One Message



DVD 2 Islam and other Religions – Technikon

DVD 3 Christ (Pbuh) in Islam

DVD 4 Sequel to Christ (Pbuh) in Islam

DVD 6 Qur’an and the Computer – Natal Computer College 5.

DVD 7 What the bible says about Muhummed (Pbuh)

DVD 8 Muhummed (Pbuh) The Natural Successor to Christ (Pbuh)

DVD 9 Muhummed (Pbuh) The Greatest

DVD 10 Arabs and Israel – Conflict or Conciliation

DVD 11 Al-Qur’an – Miracle of Miracles

DVD 12 Is Jesus (Pbuh) God

DVD 13 Crucifixion or Cruci-Fiction

DVD 18 Man, God relationships in Islam

DVD 20 Deedat on BBC

DVD 21 1st, 2nd and 3rd Series Short talks

DVD 22 Pre-Khuthba talk – Natal Medical School and Muslim Identity

DVD 23 Combat Kit Course – Durban

DVD 24 Christianity and Islam – Geneva

DVD 25 Message to Muslim Students in the UK

DVD 26 Fosis – 23rd Annual Winter Gathering (CHRISTMAS)

DVD 29 Qur’an or the bible – New York

DVD 30 Preview of UK debate in South Africa

DVD 31 Jesus Christ (Pbuh) in Christianity and Islam

DVD 32 Preview of USA debate in the UAE

DVD 35 Muhummed (Pbuh) in the bible in response to Swaggart

DVD 36 Jesus (Pbuh) the beloved Prophet of Islam

DVD 37 Dawah or destruction

DVD 39 Missionary Inroads

DVD 40 Muhummed (Pbuh) The Greatest – Pakistan

DVD 41 Muhummed (Pbuh) The Natural Successor to Christ (Pbuh) Pakistan

DVD 42 Islam and Christianity – Pakistan

DVD 43 Challenge of the Missionaries

DVD 46 Crossing the Threshold of Hope – The Popes Pious Pronouncement

DVD 49 Sequel to Qur’an or the bible

DVD 51 Christian guests in your Mosque

DVD 52 Jesus (Pbuh), Man, Myth or God

DVD 53 Jesus (Pbuh) and Muhummed (Pbuh) A Comparative Study

DVD 54 Challenge of Islam

DVD 55 Dawah in the USA

DVD 60 Kuwait Series 5

DVD 62 Should Rushdie die – Islamic verdict

DVD 63 Should Rushdie die – Judeo Christian verdict

DVD 65 If the label shows your intent, Wear It

DVD 66 A Dire Warning

DVD 67 New deceit in Christian Evangelism

DVD 70 Islam The Message of Truth

DVD 72 Is the bible God’s word

DVD 73 Pro’s and Con’s of Israel

DVD 74 Islam in Africa

DVD 75 Dawah in the UK

DVD 76 Masjid-Un-Noor Malaysia Lecture tour

DVD 77 Jamia Masjid Malaysia Lecture tour

DVD 78 Sir Ali Muslim Club Malaysia Lecture tour

DVD 79 Combat Kit Course – Nairobi

DVD 80 Combat Kit Course – Mombasa

DVD 81 Memon Villa Hall Malaysia Lecture tour

DVD 83 Christianity, Judaism or Islam

DVD 84 Concept of God in Hinduism

DVD 85 Easter – What makes good friday good – Sydney Australia

DVD 86 Christ (Pbuh) in Islam – Sydney Australia

DVD 88 Justice and Equality

DVD 89 Christian Missionaries in the world

DVD 90 Message of the Qur’an

DVD 99 How Rushdie fooled the West – Age Rest.

DVD 112 What is Wisdom

DVD 118 Muhummed (Pbuh) The Greatest – Al Khoi Centre

DVD 136 News on Doha TV Plus Muslim Mushrik Marriages

DVD 151 Mother of all Injustices

DVD 162 Islams Answer to the new World Order

DVD 183 Arabs and Israel – Westin Hotel Chicago – USA

DVD 184 Al-Qur’an – Miracle of miracles – Walton forest – London

DVD 185 Free bible Course

DVD 186 Muhummed (Pbuh) The Prophet of Islam in the bible – Geneva

DVD 188 Muhummed (Pbuh) The Greatest – Maldive Islands

DVD 211 Health of Sh. Deedat and interview on IPCI

DVD 214 Daughters of Islam – Pakistan

DVD 216 Tribute – Life and times of Sh. Deedat

DVD 259 How an American Marxist found Islam

DVD 260 Is Jesus (Pbuh) God? University of Missouri

DVD 261 What;s wrong with us?

DVD 262 Is there a Siddiqui in your life?

DVD 263 Lecture to the African Youth

DVD 264 Lecture at the San Jose University

DVD 265 In dialogue with Sh. Deedat at the Ipci Offices

DVD 267 Pure African, Until white man touched them

DVD 274 Kuwait Crisis & Candid Comments

DVD 275 Deedat on Gulf War & Anc Palestine

DVD 278 An Introduction to Dawah within a Non-muslim context

DVD 279 Role of the Masjid in the West – Dubai

DVD 280 Deedat’s USA tour – The TOP Evangelist of the World



DVD 47 How not to do Dawah – Taif

DVD 56/7/8 Kuwait Series 1-3

DVD 59/60 Kuwait Series 4-5

DVD 161 The Qur’an and the Jew – Qatar

DVD 182 Christ (Pbuh) in Islam – Doha – Qatar sports club

DVD 276 Interview on Qatar TV / Ramadaan

DVD 277 Lecture in Makkah

DVD 281 Question & Answers – Corniche Adnoc Club – Abu Dhabi

DVD 282 Reception held in honour of Sh. Deedat – Jeddah

DVD 283 Lecture to Women’s Association – Abu Dhabi

DVD 284 Saudi Arabian TV, Views & Thoughts – Is the Bible God’s Word



DVD 11 Al-Qur’an – Miracle of miracles

DVD 17 Deedat on UAE spotlight

DVD 19 Debate: Was Christ Crucified?.

DVD 27 Debate: Is Jesus God?

DVD 33/34 Swaggart/ Deedat Debate + Question & Answers

DVD 68 Is the bible true word of God?

DVD 69 Is Jesus God?



DVD 11 Al-Qur’an – Miracle of miracles

DVD 19 Debate: Was Christ Crucified?.

DVD 27 Debate: Is Jesus God?

DVD 29 Qur’an or the Bible – New York

DVD 33/34 Swaggart/ Deedat Debate + Question & Answers

DVD 35 Muhummed (Pbuh) in the bible in response to Swagg.

DVD 38 Crucifixion – Fact or Fiction



DVD 14 Islam and Christianity – Gary Miller

DVD 48.1 Qur’an or the bible which is word of God? Arab Palestinian Dr.Anis Shorrosh

DVD 48.2 Rebutals, Question and Answers to V48.1

DVD 68 Is the bible the true word of God – Pastor Stanley Sjoberg

DVD 69 Is Jesus (Pbuh) God? Pastor Stanley Sjoberg



DVD 8 Muhummed (Pbuh) The Natural Successor to Christ (Pbuh)

DVD 27 Is Jesus (Pbuh) God? Arab Palestinian Dr. Anis Shorrosh



DVD 16 Qur’anic recitals by leading Qari’s

DVD 95 Qari Abdul Basit AB-1 (Visual)

DVD 96 Qari Abdul Basit AB-2 (Teaching Aid)

DVD 97 Qari Gulam Rasool GR-1

DVD 101 Sh. Huzaifee Sura YaSin – Translation by Sh. Deedat

DVD 117 29th Tharaweeh

DVD 119 Qari Gulam Rasool (Teaching Aid) – Sura Waduha till Naas

DVD 120 Qari Gulam Rasool – Surah Amma Chapter 30, Sura 78 Till Nas

DVD 155 Qari Hassen Ali Dayekh – Lebanon

DVD 45 How to learn Arabic made easy

DVD M6 Salaah

DVD 153 Islamic Practicals – Sh. Salahuddin

DVD 221 Variety Of Salaah – Dr. Ahmad Sakr

DVD Complete Holy Qur’an with English Translation



DVD 102 Contextual Islam and the challenge of modernity – Sh. Wadah Khanfar

DVD 103 Muslim Political thought and strategies in a democracy – Sh. Azzam Tamimi

DVD 104 Investment opportunities – Minister of Malawi – Dr. Cassim Chilumpha

DVD 113 Islam in Africa – Jamaican – Sh. Abdullah Faizel

DVD 116 True message of Christ (Pbuh) – Othman Motata

DVD 138 Jihad and terrorism – Prof. Anis Ahmad

DVD 140 Power of Israeli Lobby and the United States – Ex-Congressman Paul Findley

DVD 142 War on terrorism, a dr. in jurisprudence – Dr. Murad Wilfried Hoffman

DVD 143 Islam under attack 11/12/01 – Dr. Murad Wilfried Hoffman

DVD 144 George W. Bush (Snr) People to people Int. Group – USA Citizens

DVD 152 Events surrounding Sept 11th & its effect in the Muslim world – Prof.Z Bangash

DVD 157 Islam today in Africa & America, Role Muslim organisations can play

DVD 158 Challenges facing Muslim world, Post Sept 11th & Iraq 4 x International Speakers

DVD 163 Crisis of Muslim leadership – Sh. Abdul Kader – Nederlands

DVD 165 How to build Unity – Ali Mustapha

DVD 167 After Iraq, What Next – Sh. Azzam Tamimi

DVD 169 School as an Institution of moral transformation – Khadija Moloi & M.H.Abubakr

DVD 170 In defence of Jihad, Martyrdom, Holy war,Terrorism & undamentalism A.Augustine

DVD MD01 Qur’an and comparative Religion – Musaid Dawood

DVD 177 Media and Communication – Amina Lawal issue on stoning – Ayesha Mall

DVD 195 Recognition Muslim Marriages – Muslim Personal Law – Justice Farlam & Judge Nafsa

DVD 197 Conspiracy against Islam – Ab Dawjee & Maulana Rafeek

DVD 198 IPCI Dawah Convention & Al-Maktoum

DVD 199 Muslims to Rise and Shine – Intl. Challenge of Islam – G.H. Agjee

DVD 201 Road to Islam – A hell raising story – British Journalist Yvonne Rodley

DVD 202 Facts – From the VATICAN to Islam – Kenyan – Ayesha Kaminjo

DVD 204 Methodology of Dawah and Responsibilities of a Leader – Mohammed Sayeed

DVD 209 Role of Muslim organisations in meeting Challenges of Dawah in Africa – Sh. Makda

DVD 215 Journalism and a hostile media – Iqbal Siddiqui

DVD 217 Muslim Political Participation In the UK – Dr. Anas Al Tikriti

DVD 223 British MP Speaks – George Galloway

DVD 224 Rise of Islam despite Islamaphobia – Dr.Adam/Fawzia Peer/M.Martin/Dawood Islam

DVD 235 Road to Damascus, Rabia Bux-Ist Term Revert comparative, Journalism Graduation Presentation & its effects on yourselves Bilal Sultan

DVD 240 What is Islam-Islamic Songs/Drug related issues (Comparative talk Durban Workshop)

DVD 242 Halqa + Jummah – Ethics, strategies & methodology In dialogue between Civilizations & Religions –Tariq Ramadan

DVD 244 From Captive to Convert – Yvonne Ridley

DVD 251 Political Science students of Whitworth University – Yusuf Ismail / Snyman

DVD 252 Interlectual dawah-revival of the muslim ummah – Dr.Abdul Hamid Abu Sulaiman & Dr. Ahmed Totonji

DVD 253 Islamic Thought & revival of the muslim ummah – Dr. Abdul Hamid Abu Sulaiman & Dr. Ahmed Totonji

DVD 254 How Religion is given to us in the Qur’an & some of The main themes that Islam tells us about, how we should look at the world we live in – Abu Aliyyah

DVD 255 Guiding Light in ones life – Dr. Ansari / Prof S. Nadwi

DVD Sheikh Budhair – Imam of Masjid Nabawi at Ipci

DVD 256 Debate reflecting on the Bishop of Canterbury’s Shariah proposal – Prof. Sulaiman Dangor – a vacation course

DVD 257 Dynamism of Islamic Law – Survey of Origin & Nature of developement of Islamic Law and Schools – Prof. Salman Nadwi a vacation course

DVD 258 What’s the BIG DEAL about being a MUSLIM? -Sh.Tahir F.Sitoto a vacation Course

DVD 266 Dawah – Maids of South Africa – Sh. Bilal / E. Mthembu / Fathima Asmal/ Dawood Ngwane

DVD 269 How to do dawah in 10 Minutes – Ustaadh Kamal Al-Makki

DVD Standard Bearers Academy – Excellence in Hereafter – Mirza Yawar Baig



DVD 91 Challenges facing muslims in the new millenium

DVD 92 Dilema of the muslim youths

DVD 190 Islam in North and West Africa

DVD 191 Future of civilization – Destruction or prosperity & Journalism from historical perspective

DVD 192 Challenges facing Muslims in South Africa

DVD 193 Can Islam Co-exist with modern World

DVD 194 Islam and the African, Past, Present and Future

DVD 208 Islam in Africa – What is Islam

DVD 213 Documentary – Harar – Ethiopia – 4th Holy Site

DVD 225 Holiday Myths

DVD AHQ11 Islamic Investment / Influence of Sh.Uthman Dan Fodio on the spread of Islam in West Africa & in the heart of West African Islamic revival.



DVD 180 Celebration of Prophet Muhummed (Pbuh) – Umzinto / KwaMashu

DVD 181 Launch of IPCI Revert Forum

DVD 200 Jesus as Miracle Healer and Muhummed (Pbuh) in various world scriptures – Bayview

DVD 203 Jesus as a Miracle Healer – Concept of Divine Healing – Phoenix / Kokstad

DVD 212 Islam – Religion of all Prophets + 5 Pillars – Eldorado Park

DVD 218 Religion of all Proophets – What the Church did not Tell you – Dundee/Phoenix

DVD 222 Islam – Religion of Jesus (Pbuh) in the Bible & The Qur’an – Estcourt

DVD 226 Islam – Religion of Jesus (Pbuh) in the Bible & The Qur’an – What you as Christians were not told – PE – Imam M. Martin

DVD 239 Did Jesus (Pbuh) Preach Islam or Christianity – PortShepstone 22/06/2007

DVD 243 Open Day at the local Westville Soofie Masjid



DVD 141 Aftermath of Sept 11th, 2001 – Educator in California

DVD 207 Prophet Muhummed (Pbuh) The Best Of Creation, In the footsteps of the Prophet & Peace in troubled times – Canada



DVD 98 DEBATE: Holy Qur’an, word of God or Muhummed (pbuh)

DVD 115 Islam – A misunderstood Religion

DVD 220 Crime & Punishment / Pluralistic Society / Misunderstood Qur’anic Passages

DVD JB04 Polygamy and the wives of the Prophet Muhummed (Pnuh)

DVD JB05 DEBATE Concept of God in Islam & Christianity – USA



DVD YB 01 Prophecies of Muhummed (Pbuh) In the bible

DVD YB 02 Does the bible teach Islam

DVD 126 DEBATE: Is the bible God’s word?



DVD 124 From Druglord to Highly respected Imam – Washington

DVD 125 From Darkness to Light – Transformation and Reformation



DVD 114 An attorney bears Witness – From Catholism to Islam


DVD 273 Jesus, Spirit or Prophet – Pastor Bongani Dladla

DVD Ladysmith 10th Anniversary



DVD 146 Secret of World, Word and Power+Power & Understanding, the making of a writer

DVD 147 Power of Reading, Thinking & Writing

DVD 148 Spirit, Vision and Dream + Journalism

DVD 154 An evening of poetry at the Amphitheatre

DVD 160 African Renaissance and 1400 years of Islam in Africa – Minister of Trade & Industry – Lindiwe



DVD 121 A back to climb on + Practical Islam

DVD 122 Islam Afro-American Connection + Identity of a Muslim

DVD 123 Islam – Serving Humanity

DVD 159 From Bondage to Bonding

DVD 268 Former Baptist Preacher – Transition to Islam – P. Maritzburg / Ladysmith



DVD 150 Jerusalem in the Qur’an + War on Iraq

DVD INH03 An Islamic viewpoint on the return of Nabi Isa (Pbuh)

DVD INH04 Return of the Khalifa

DVD INH05 The strategic importance of Islamic Spirituality

*DVD INH06 Surah Al-Khaf and the Modern Age

*DVD INH07 Growth of our Souls

DVD INH08 Jerusalem In the Qur’an

DVD INH09 Islam and the end of history

DVD INH10 The Muslim village DVD INH11 Strategic importance of the Fast of Ramadaan

DVD INH12 Islam and the International monetary system



DVD 171 Is America’s war againat terrorism or God’s Will

DVD 172 Challenges faced as students of Journalism & inclined with the Islamic Faith

DVD 173 Lecture to students at Sh. Hamdan Centre in Hazelmere & R.A.U.F in Isipingo



DVD 105 Concept of God in Islam and Christianity

DVD 106 Jesus (Pbuh) in the Qur’an

DVD 107 Concept of Salvation in Islam and Christianity 4. DVD 108 Jesus (Pbuh) in the Three Abrahamic Faiths

DVD 109 The Authority of St. Paul and his teachings



DVD 110 DEBATE: Question on Women’s rights and roles in Islam – A. Assilmi & Deborrah Scroggins

DVD M5 Women in Islam – Comments from different countries



DVD 100 Guest Speaker – Dr. Cassim Chilumpha of Malawi

DVD 127 Guest Speaker – Imran Maleyan of Tzaneen

DVD 166 Programme at the As-Salaam Campsite

DVD 168 Journalism & Contemporary Islam – Dr. Faizel Sulaiman DVD 174 Arabic / Fiqh and literacy

DVD 176 Book launch – I am a Muslim + Media & Journalism

DVD 178 Dawah students graduate – Dr. Shakira Cassim

DVD 179 Students of Journalism + Notion of Agency & Justice Lubna Nadwi

DVD 189 Literacy & Opportunities for Islamic Education

DVD 196 Devastating Attacks on Islam – A.B. Dawjee

DVD 271 Graduation 2009 – Guest Speaker Professor Sulaiman Dangor

DVD Graduation 2007



DVD K0 Birth and Death of Christianity

DVD K1 Press Conference

DVD K2 Professionals and the new South Africa

DVD K3 Will the West rule forever ?

DVD K4 Christianity , Communism or Islam

DVD K5 Cross Roads

DVD K6 Jumma Talks

DVD K7 Africa the sleeping giant.

DVD K8 Muslims in the West – 31/12/92

DVD K9 The Role of Young Muslims in the Western World 1/2/92

DVD K10 Human Rights and Islam

DVD K11 Laws without Justice-Do you still want to be a Lawyer?

DVD K12 The Challenge of Islam in the 21st Century

DVD K13 Challenge of the Qur’an 15.

DVD K14 Nothing from Nothing Leaves Nothing

DVD K15 The Future for the Black Race – Islam or Christianity

DVD K16 Welcome to the Wonderful World of Islam

DVD K17 Islam the Universal Religion



DVD Z1 Can Islam offer more to Mankind than Religion?

DVD Z2 Lecture by Z. Naik – Unit 7, Chatsworth, Unit 8 Phoenix mosques

DVD Z3 Pre- Khuthba talks

DVD Z4 Deb.The Qur’an & the Bible in light of Science, Dr. William Campell

DVD Z5 Is the Qur’an God’s Word?

DVD Z6 Short talks on Kuwait TV2

DVD Z7 Isam, Medical Science, Dietry Laws – Zakir Naik 27/01/1997

DVD Z8 DAWAH OR DESTRUCTION? – Dr. Zakir Naik – 18 May 1996

DVD Z9 MUHAMMED (PBUH) IN THE VARIOUS – world religious scriptures

DVD Z10 Women’s right in Islam – Modernising or Outdated?+ Question & Answer session


DVD Z12 SYMPOSIUM – Religion in the Right Perspective – Concept of God in Hinduism, Christianity & Islam.


DVD Z14 Terrorism in the name of Islam – Rex Centre – Birmingham

DVD Z15 Interview In Birmingham

DVD Z16 Similarities between Hinduism and Islam – Azad Maidan, mumbai, India

DVD Z17 Concept of God in major religions – Guru Granth Saheb / Vedas… Qur’an…

DVD Z18 Is the Qur’an God’s word?

DVD Z19 Dialogue-Concept of God in Hinduism & Islam in the light of Sacred Scriptures – Sri Ravi Sahankar

DVD Z20 Why the West is coming to Islam

DVD Z21 Media & Islam, War or Peace

DVD Z22 Salaah – Programming towards righteousness

DVD Z23 Press DEBATE – Is religious fundermentalisation a stumbling block to freedom of expression

DVD Z24 Is terrorism a Msulim monopoly

DVD Z25 Media and Muslims

DVD Z26 Similarities bet Hinduism and Islam – Chennai, India

DVD Z27 Universal Brotherhood

DVD Z28 Annual Day 2003/2004

DVD Z29 Peace Vision of Islam

DVD Z30 Terrorism and Jihad – Islamic perspective

DVD Z31 Annual Day 2006

DVD Z32 If the label shows your Intent, Wear it

DVD Z33 Is non-vegetarian food permitted/prohibited for a human being- Mr Rashmibhai Zaveri

DVD Z34 Focus on Islam and Universal Brotherhood

DVD Z35 Al-Qur’an – Should it be read with understanding

DVD Z36 Similarities between Islam and Christianity

DVD Z37 Understanding Islam and Global Unity – Documentary

DVD Z38 Understanding Islam and Global Unity – Compilation of Promos, Eid, Haj…

DVD Z39 Islamic Vision for the New generation

DVD Z40 Exclusive interviews – Banned from UK

DVD Z41 Doc. 2009 (30Oct- 10Nov.) Understanding Islam and Global Unity

DVD Z42 Seeking knowledge in the light of Islam

DVD Z43 Talk Shows – An Analysis

DVD Z44 Islamic Vision for the new generation

DVD Z45 Future generation – Public talks by Int. Youth

DVD Z46 The concept of God in Hinduism and Islam in the light of sacred Scriptures

DVD Z47 The Qur’an & modern science – Compatible & incompatible

DVD Z48 Annual Day 2009 Events

DVD Z49 What is the purpose of life

DVD Z50 Womens rights in Islam – Protected or subjugated

DVD Z51 The role of muslims in a non-muslim society

DVD Z52 Is Islam a solution for Humanity

DVD Z53 Misconceptions about Islam



DVD V137 Allahu Akbar – Allah Is The Greatest

DVD V205 Haj and Umrah Journey



DVD YE01 Why are Priests Embracing Islam – Orient Hall

DVD YE02 Why are Priests Embracing Islam – City Hall

DVD YE03 Dawah – Everything you wanted to know about Islam and the Muslims – P.Maritzburg

DVD YE04 Delivering the Message the simplest way

DVD YE05 Press Conference

DVD YE06 Islam now Exposed

DVD YE07 Priest and Preacher entering Islam

DVD YE08 Miracles of Muhummed (Pbuh)

DVD YE09 Dean Online – An interview on Guidance and Faith

DVD YE10 Satans art of deception

DVD YE11 Islam beyond the difference

DVD YE12 Till kingdom come

DVD YE13 The rights and limits of muslims

DVD YE14 Frequently answered questions



DVD SA01 DEBATE: Muhummed (Pbuh) in the bible

DVD SA02 DEBATE: Bible verses the Qur’an

DVD SA03 DEBATE: Crucifixion or Cruci-fiction?

DVD SA04 DEBATE: Allah or trinity

DVD SA05 DEBATE: In Atlanta – Jesus (Pbuh)

DVD SA06 Jummah Talks – Masjidul Quds Gatesville & Masjid Abubakar Erasmia

DVD SA07 DEBATE: Did Jesus Really die on the Cross & Rise from the Dead David Seccombe UCT

DVD SA08 Does God really exist, An Answer to Atheism in a Godless society Rylands CT

DVD SA09 The relevance of religion in the Modern World – Kwantu PE

DVD SA10 DEBATE: Jesus in the bible and Jesus in the Qur’an, Which account is accurate – Hellenic Hall PE

DVD SA11 DEBATE: The Divine Origins – Authority & Authenticity of the bible and the Qur’an – Durban City Hall

DVD SA12 Modern challenges to religion – NMJ Hall Overport

DVD SA13 DEBATE: The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ Fact or fiction – Benoni

DVD SA14 Relationship between Islam / Christianity / Judaism in the Modern world – Haleema Hall – Erasmia

DVD SA15 DEBATE: The biblical & Qur’anic approach to Peace &Violence Patidar Hall – Lenasia

DVD SA16 Brothers from different mothers



DVD HAL01 Brotherhood and Spiritual Healing

DVD HAL02 Death – Fear Allah – He has knowledge of the Final Hour

DVD HAL03 Correspondance course, Book Launch Basic teachings of Islam -Maulana Musa Menk

DVD HAL04 Debt – Slavery and the New World Order – Reaching out for a solution

DVD HAL05 Islamic Political thought – Launch of Tafseer – Afeef Khan Washington DC

DVD HAL06 Path to Imaan Sh. Ala Al Sayed – Toronto

DVD Hal07 Rehabilitation of the Soul – Sameer Isa Muslim Prison Board 10 Day course

DVD Hal08 Sources and developement of Shariah – Islam & other Ideologies Prof. Sulaiman Dangor and Adv. Shuaib Umar 10 Day course

DVD Hal09 Global challenges facing muslims and NGO’s – Sh. Habib Umar Bin Hafedh



DVD 228 Either you with us or against us, who should Africa follow – Pmb City Hall – Democracy, Liberation or re-colonization Pmb Univ.

DVD 229 Why Africa has taken centre stage – NewYork

DVD 230 Long March from Sandersville Mosque 15 – Atlanta

DVD 231 The history of Mosque No.7 – NewYork

DVD 232 Long March from Sandersville- Boston

DVD 233 Democracy, Liberation or re-colonization – Diepkloof Sowetho

DVD 234 Islam, The Religion of Jesus – Eldorado Park Role of the Muslims in Christian Judeo context –Erasmia African Renaissance& Spiritual Vision 4 Africa – Jhb

DVD 236 Dinner with key individuals & organisations + Joint Halqa & Press Conference


FADIL SOLIMAN (Bridges Foundation)

DVD 237 Relationship between Creator & Human beings, Jummah Talk & As-Salaam Students

DVD 238 Halqa & Dawah workshop 25 & 26/07/2007

DVD 245 Hartley Road School 2010 workshop

DVD 249 Muslims before Muhummed Al-Ansaaar Hall

DVD 250 Ipci Annual Dinner

DVD FS06 Ipci 2010 Dinner and Jummah Talk

DVD FS07 Missionary deception

DVD The Fog is Lifting – 28 languages

DVD Jihad on Terrorism – 2011



DVD YI01 The nature of Christ in Islam & Christianity – Muslim Assembly Hall – Loedwyk

DVD YI02 Nature of Christ in Christianity & Islam, Face to Face interfaith dialogue with Alan Profit CT

DVD YI03 Qur’an and the bible in the light of Science PE

DVD YI04 Sydenham interfaith dialogue with Pastor Glen & Bob benjamin PE

DVD YI05 Qur’an and the bible Athlone civic hall CT

DVD YI06 Dialogue in Tokai Cape town church

DVD YI07 Himayatul Islam Comparative dawah training course – Botswana

DVD YI08 Jesus, Man, Myth or God – Mafikeng

DVD YI09 Historical analysis of the Qur’an & the bible – Pretoria

DVD YI10 Comparative Dawah training Course – Athlone – Cape Town

DVD YI11 Student Pastors – Methodist church of South Africa visit IPCI

DVD YI12 The Qur’an and Todays Society – a vacation course

DVD YI13 Open discussion & short talk by comparative student from Zambia Abdul Hafiz Rabson Banda/vacation course

DVD YI14 Mormons at the Ipci

DVD YI15 Debate: Origins of Scripture, the bible, the Qur’an, Science & the nature of reality – Piet Strydom

DVD YI16 Israeli Zionism – Is it set up for Spiritual destruction – Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss

DVD YI17 For and against the Crucified Messiah, Salvation in Human History PE 2009

DVD YI18 Christians and Muslims in a Post-Apartheid Society, The way Forward, PE 2009 Sydenham Baptist Church

DVD YI19 PE Dawah training course 2009 Walmer Town Hall

DVD YI20 Role of Prophet Muhummed (Pbuh) In modern society – Foresthaven Masjid Phoenix

DVD YI21 Constructive dawah training course – Foresthaven Masjid Phoenix

DVD YI22 Is religion relevant in the 21st century – Arena Park Rally

DVD YI23 Zionism – As-Salaam – Braemar

DVD YI24 Islamic Invasion Confronting the worlds fastest growing faith- Redfern, Phoenix

DVD YI25 Symposium: Jabulani Mhkize Discover Jesus – A man or God – Bayview, Chatsworth

DVD YI26 Debate: Christian & Muslim approach to New Testament – Word of God or development of man – Seapoint Cape Town

DVD YI27 Historical evolution of Christianity – 10 Day course

DVD YI28 Islam & contemporary ideologies – 10 Day course

DVD YI29 Talk to Whitworth University Students

DVD YI30 Is Jesus God – Havenside

DVD YI31 The origins of Christianity – Greenbury – Phoenix

DVD YI32 Principles of Islam – Jummah Talk – Elsies river

DVD YI33 Debate Identifying Jesus–Man & God–Jubilee Church Hall

DVD YI34 2010 World cup & our response as Christians & Muslims Stonebridge Hall – Phoenix

DVD YI35 Grand Muslim Christian Dialogue – Who is Jesus? – Nakivubo stadium – Uganda

DVD YI36 DEBATE–Scholarly exchange, Why Muslim, Why Christian – Midrand

DVD YI37 Who is Jesus? – Nairobi – Kenya



DVD AI01 We are Worthy of Jesus (Pbuh) Greenbury community Hall- Phoenix

DVD AI02 Church History and the New Age movement

DVD AI03 Christian Pastor to Islamic Preacher – Journey from Christianity to Islam Greenbury – Phoenix

DVD AI04 Christian Pastor to Islamic Preacher – Journey from Christianity to Islam Stonebridge – Phoenix

DVD AI05 Let the truth set you free – Montford Chatsworth

DVD AI06 Modern Day Religious CULTS – 10 Day Course

DVD AI07 The doctrine of St. Paul – 10 Day Course

DVD AI08 Time and Friendship Masjid Daruss Salaam – Elsies River Cape Town

DVD AI09 The DA Vinci code BROKEN – 10 Day Course

DVD AI10 Christians embracing Islam, does Islam hold the truth Redfern Phoenix

DVD AI11 Why are so many Pastors embracing Islam – Monford Chatsworth

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Mohammed Al-Asi

DVD MA01 The Ascendant Qur’an realigning man to the devine Power culture

DVD MA02 Jummah Talks – AL Asi & Afeef Khan – Westville & Sparks Rd Masjid

DVD MA03 Islamic Political thought & Launching of Qur’anic Tafseer Vol 2&3 Al-Afeef – Al-Ansaar Hall