Outreach Programmes

Reaching out to communities, non-Muslim and Muslim, through public lectures and interfaith discussions

IPCI is among the global pioneers of Da’wah bodies who have engaged with other major faith groups through public dialogues, debates and interfaith programmes. The late Sheikh Ahmed Deedat was known globally for his expertise in the public dialogue platform. Within the last few years, Christian missionaries have once again initiated aggressive evangelical programmes, focusing specifically among Muslim majority communities.

Further, the post-911 environment has created huge misconceptions about Islam and Muslims, leading to negative media stereotypes and in its extreme expression, the phenomenon of Islamophobia.

Broad Overview

It is in this light that the IPCI is consistently seeking opportunities for dialogue with other faith communities and in particular, evangelists and missionaries. In the recent past, IPCI has been engaging with leading Church denominations and theological institutes in South Africa and abroad.


A typical 3-day Dawah Outreach programme in towns or cities amounts to R20 000 and consists of the following:

  • Sending speakers to the local Masaajid for the Jumah talks, emphasizing the necessity for dawah.
  • A One-day dawah training program for local Islamic workers
  • A Public lecture or debate at the local city hall or community town hall
  • A Sunday visit to the largest church in the town for an interfaith dialogue

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