Dawah Quran Project

Due to the large amount of misconceptions held about Islam and Muslims, the IPCI four years ago embarked on the Dawah Quran Project.

The project entails presentations on Islam to non-Muslim employees who are employed by Muslim-owned businesses, namely Accountants, Clerks, Lawyers, Engineers, Labourers, Maids, Garden workers, Drivers, Nannies, Tellers, Sales Reps etc. To date IPCI has conducted more than 300 Dawah Quran projects, with IPCI Dawah Teams calling on Muslim-owned businesses daily. The project has seen a total number of 4000 non-Muslim employees of Muslim-owned businesses receive a Presentation on Islam from the IPCI.

Presentations on Islam to Non-Muslim Employees of Muslim Owned Companies

Target Audience
The target audience consist mainly of people from varying Faiths, namely Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and African Traditional Religion. One of the exciting aspects of the project is the question and answer sessions. Employees are given the opportunity to ask questions on Islam and a response is provided with the view of clearing the misconception. In many instances many of the employees have gone through their entire lives not knowing what the Quran is or having ever seen one. Many never knew what the word ISLAM meant, or who Prophet Muhammed is.

The Dawah pack that are handed out consists of a DVD on Islam, a copy of the Holy Quran, and a book explaining Islam. The manufactured cost of the pack is approximately R70 (equivalent to US$10).

Project Management
As one of the IPCI’s core function is the distribution of FREE copies of the Holy Quran and Islamic literature to non Muslims on demand, Dawah starter packs are handed out to all employees.

Many Muslim employers were surprised to learn that many of their staff who were not Muslim had either one of their parents who was a Muslim or in some cases a very close family member who is a Muslim. In some cases Muslim employees had lost interest in Islam and have their faith revived after receiving IPCI’s Islamic presentation.

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