Muslim Reverts Programme

Training, counseling and social integration programmes for reverts to Islam.

One of the most successful outcomes of carrying out IPCI’s main purpose of propagation of Islam with professionalism and excellence is the reversion to Islam by adherents of other faiths, including atheists and agnostics.

Our experience and research has shown that the process of reversion to Islam is a life- changing one, with profound challenges and thus needs to be handled with sensitivity and care. A critical success factor in assisting new reverts to Islam is effective training, coaching and mentoring by experienced Islamic workers. It is in this light that the IPCI’s MUSLIM REVERTS PROGRAMME has been a flagship activity since its inception.

Services Provided

This entails the entire process of assisting potential reverts with information and counseling, conducting the reversions as well as providing a Registry service which maintains a comprehensive database of all Reverts to Islam at the IPCI centre. Further, IPCI has also initiated a social integration programme for Reverts called ‘The Path Finders Forum’. In the case of a death of a Revert Muslim, this service also extends to facilitating, if required, the Reverts request to be buried according to Muslim burial rites.

IPCI has developed a structured syllabus for revert classes catering to two levels: Basic and an advanced class, each one involves two months of training. IPCI is currently developing a supported Distance Learning class for its training programme so as to cater to the needs of Reverts who are unable to attend classes at the Centre or wish to study Islam whilst engaged in full-time employment.


The cost per student is R2000 for two months of training with all costs included. IPCI Reverts training programme involves free tuition, transport subsidy where required as well as two meals a day. The Centre also takes care of accommodation for limited periods of time while reverts attend classes at IPCI. Zakaat funds are also used.

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