Information Counter

The IPCI has 5 x Dawah Teams who go out on Dawah Quran Projects on five different days of the week respectively. This puts the Centre in a position to call on the companies that have installed the Islamic Info Counters and maintain the counters by means of checking on the stock and replenishing same if needs be.

Further the Dawah Teams check if there have been any enquiries regarding Islam or anyone has left their details at the Info Counter and who may require someone to contact them regarding further queries on Islam.

Da’wah Outreach Through The Muslim Business Community

Broad Overview

A key challenge in Dawah Outreach to the general Public, particularly in Non-Muslim majority communities, is giving people ACCESS to reliable Islamic Information. Perhaps the most convenient access to such information is to make good quality Islamic Literature accessible at Muslim-owned retail stores which are widely patronized by the general public. This would also allow for an interesting partnership between the Muslim Business community and Da’wah projects.

IPCI has accordingly embarked on a new project called the “IPCI Business Dawah Module”. This innovative project has a purpose-built Islamic Information Counter with suitable literature stocks, a supporting poster campaign, as well as a Dawah programme for staff of Muslim-owned Businesses.

As businesses adopt the “IPCI Business Dawah Module”, the general public would be able to access Islamic Literature from their “Local Grocery Store” as it were in a non-threatening and convenient manner.

Muslim-owned companies will be requested to put up these Islamic Information Counters at their reception areas for the public to view and take FREE Islamic Literature.

The stand will consist of suitable quantities of each of the following pamphlets:

  • Concept Of God In Islam
  • Concept Of Worship In Islam
  • Rights Of Children
  • Human Rights In Islam
  • What They Say About The Quran
  • The Economic System Of Islam
  • What They Say About Islam
  • What They Say About Muhammed (PBUH)


The cost of the stand is R800.
400 x pamphlets amount to R400.
40 x booklets amount to R120.

The total start up cost for the Islamic Info Counter is R1, 320 approximately US$150.


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