Comparative Religion

The IPCI is the Centre for Dawah & Comparative Religion. The Founder of IPCI Sheikh Ahmed Deedat was a world-renowned scholar on Comparative Religion and engaged with Christian Scholars in all parts of the world.

The Islamic Propagation Centre International Learning Academy offers an intensive course on Comparative Religion.

In these times when Islam is unfairly attacked from all sides by Jews, Christians and Secularists it is vitally important to study the relevance of Contemporary issues in Islam. The course will equip the student to understand, debate and make rational judgments on vital issues concerning the Ummah.

We are currently planning our next Master Dawah course. Watch for updates on the website & social media platforms!

Comparative Religion 2018

The course is open to all matriculants who have a good knowledge of Islam. Tuition is free.

Students are required to pay for accommodation (boarding & lodge) and travel expenses. Medium of instruction is English.


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