Mosque Tours

Marhoom Sheikh Ahmed Deedat was passionate about Mosque Tours as a unique dawah activity to introduce Islam to non-muslims that he used to personally conduct them. Due to the great success that he had achieved with the Mosque Tours, he encouraged Muslims all over the world to open their Masaajid for non-Muslims to view and be educated about Islam whilst having the opportunity to view “The Muslim at Prayer”. The Mosque Tour continues to be one of the cornerstones of IPCI activities. Alhamdulillah, at an average, IPCI hosts approximately 400 vistors to the Mosque per month.

International Demand for Mosque Tours
IPCI hosts tourists from all parts of the world for Mosque visits. In the recent past, tourists from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Holland, United Kingdom, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Brazil, Argentina have visited the Mosque via IPCI. IPCI is particularly geared to hosts tourists from various parts of the world as it has access to Islamic literature and translations of the Quran in many different languages. IPCI has also established a professionally outfitted Islamic Exhibition & Multimedia Centre at its headquarters with screening facilities and a dinning area for visitors. Thus a Mosque tour now entails a visit to the Mosque together with a visit to the Islamic Exhibition centre, a screening of a documentary on Islam while light refreshments are being provided. Each visitor is also handed a gift pack, which includes a DVD on Islam, books written by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat entitled “The Muslim at Prayer” and various other useful publications on Islam.

Project Management
The Centre is inundated with calls for Mosque Tours from School groups, Religious Groups, Senior citizens Group as well as Cruise Ship tourists and other tour operators. Recently we have found large numbers of delegates who visit the Durban International Convention Centre for International conferences visit the Centre for a Mosque Tour. The ICC hosts International Conferences almost every week. The Centre has dedicated staff members, whom are well trained in public speaking as well as handling questions on Islam.


Have you ever wondered what Muslims do at the Mosque or what a Mosque is?

Allow us to to demystify any misconceptions you may have and enlighten you.The IPCI welcomes you to attend our daily Mosque Tours to of one of the largest Mosques in the Southern Hemisphere.

People from all faith groups, cultures, races, ages and sexes come to see this grand building.  The tour lasts about 45mins with ample time for Question and Answers after each tour.

Visitors are invited after the tour to come ‘have a cup of coffee’ at the IPCI exhibition centre and ask further questions.  Tours are conducted in various international and local languages and are tailor made for specific groups.

Often times this is the first time people have ever seen or learnt about Islam so you have the opportunity to debunk many misconceptions regarding Islam


Would you like to visit the largest Mosque in the Southern Africa?

You can attend the Mosque Open Day or organize a private tour for your school or organization. Your class group or organization will be met personally by a member of the IPCI. You’ll be introduced to the basic tenets of Islam, the belief system and its practices as well as the importance of Mosques in the daily life of Muslim individual and community at large. Ample opportunities will be made available for questions and answers. This is a great opportunity to have your questions or concerns answered over a cup of coffee or tea.

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