Islamic Exhibition Centre

The IPCI has recently established a state of the art Islamic Exhibition & Multimedia Centre with screening facilities and dining areas to extend the Mosque tour to a fully fledged ‘Religious Experience Tour’.  This is part of the IPCI’s efforts to leverage the large and growing sector of ‘Religious Tourism’ with the objective of to extending the invitation of Islam to non-Muslims. Every Mosque tour is now coupled with a tour of the ‘Discover Islam’ exhibition, screening of a documentary on Islam as well as light refreshments.

Target Audience

The full Religious Experience Tour is carried out daily by the IPCI to tourists from all parts of the world. In addition, IPCI has reached out to Schools, Universities, Government Departments, Military personal, Management of Corporates, Cruise Ships, Senior Citizen Associations, and conference delegates.


The current IPCI Exhibition Centre consists of Apple Mac computers for visitors’ internet access, plasma screens for documentary viewing, dining facilities, coffee bar, Islamic exhibits and artefacts as well as a multilingual Quran display section. We believe Mosques throughout South Africa need an Islamic Exhibition Centre of this type attached to it. This would certainly enhance da’wah efforts in the different communities as an increasing number of non-Muslims show an increasing interest in Islam. The IPCI is ready to assist with advice and expertise in establishing such projects.

Project Management

Due to IPCI being a pioneer in the field, it is in a position to advise other Islamic organizations and Mosque Committees how to conduct Mosque Tours and how to effectively market these activities for the purpose of da’wah outreach.

Sponsorships Required

Sponsor an Exhibition Centre for your local Mosque or Islamic Da’wah organisation. Call the IPCI for details and costs.

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